5 unconventional ways to build a line of candidates around the block

In a world where the competition for top talent is fiercer than ever, building a robust bench, or a stable of leaders to call on, is not just a strategy – it’s a necessity. But only 11 percent of organizations have a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench, the lowest it has been rated in the past 10 years. Part of the flaw is that organizations may rely on the resume too much. Resume-based hiring is too risky for any organization, especially those who are leading the pack.

There are several ways to attract exceptional candidates who will thrive in your organization beyond looking at just their resume. This article unveils five astonishing ways to attract top talent and elevate your organization’s success. The ultimate goal is to create a line of candidates waiting to join your organization.

Know What Drives Performance
Resumes alone are too risky for your organization. You need a way to redefine how you evaluate candidates. Avoid focusing solely on past work experience and embrace a holistic approach. A Florida State University Meta Study revealed that combining multiple selection tools, such as cognitive ability tests and personality assessments, significantly enhances the predictability of job performance. When you combine these insights with a structured interview, the Predictive IndexR assessments offer an astonishing 58 percent predictability on job performance. Unearth the hidden gems among candidates and watch your organization soar to new heights.

Focus Only On What Really Matters
Break free from the shackles of inaccurate, outdated criteria, like years of experience. Instead, shift your focus to what truly matters — the right behavioral fit for your organization. This means creating criteria for success in the job, beyond tactical skills and qualification. The way to do so is to use Predictive IndexR job targets as a guiding light. Embrace science and data to identify the behaviors and motivators of ideal candidates who align with your organization’s unique culture and will thrive in their roles. The Predictive IndexR job target report can serve as a starting place for you to craft job ads that resonate with the ideal candidate by incorporating verbiage about work style, preferences, and characteristics of success into a captivating story about the ideal candidate you’re looking for.

Strengthen the Company’s Reputation with a Strengths-Based Work Culture
Imagine a workplace where employees are not just productive but also fulfilled and motivated. Start from within, nurturing a culture where employees become aware of their strengths and potential for growth. This is easily done with a simple, fast, and comprehensive instrument (the Predictive Index Behavioral AssessmentTM is only two questions and takes ~6 minutes to complete). Your employees will be amazed at the accuracy of their results and realize they would only be able to get this much insight elsewhere from a full head scan.

From there you can prioritize internal employee development with ample opportunities for advancement, ongoing training, and skill development. Leverage the Predictive IndexR insights on your employees to discover who to focus on, what strengths are their natural superpower, and where to supplement gaps with self-awareness and skill training. Then you’ll build a workplace that attracts top talent and strengthens your reputation as an organization that cares.

Find Hidden Gems Within Your Ranks
The treasure trove of talent is right before your eyes—your existing employees! Use the objective science and data provided by Predictive IndexR to assess your employees and identify potential movement opportunities. Dive deep into their behaviors, motivators, and ability to adapt. By hiring from within, you not only foster employee loyalty but also benefit from their inherent understanding of your organization’s values and mission.

Meaningfully Plan and Act to Attract Diverse Candidates
Diversity is a pillar of excellence in any organization. Shake off conventional recruitment practices and embark on a thoughtful journey to attract diverse candidates. You can use the Predictive IndexR to find candidates with unique backgrounds and experiences, but who would be able to easily do the job and are motivated to do so.

Also, consider eliminating subtle biases from your job ads using gender decoders and engaging diverse sources for critical feedback about those ads. Connect with hubs in your community and partner with universities and institutions with higher diversity rates. It’s not difficult to embrace a world of talent beyond your traditional boundaries, you just sometimes need to think differently.

Your Next Step
Now you know the secrets to attract top talent and build extraordinary bench strength. By implementing these unconventional methodologies, you’ll find yourself with a line of eager candidates vying to be part of your thriving organization.

Your organization is set to be a magnet for exceptional talent, eager to contribute to your strengths-based, supportive work culture. Remember, every candidate deserves to love their work, and you’re the architect of that very future. Embrace the possibilities, seize the moment, and watch your organization soar to unparalleled heights of success.

Candice Frazer is the Vice President of Marketing & Client Experience at MindWire. As a Forbes.jobs community member, you can also experience what it would be like to save time, blast through biases, and witness the transformational power of behavioral fit with a free Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment from MindWire. The team also is willing to help you set up your first job target and screen candidates for free. Learn more here.

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