CEO frameworks, insights revealed during 2023 Boot Camp

CEO frameworks, insights revealed during 2023 Boot Camp

Last week PrimeGenesis gathered a half-dozen CEOs for a day to share insights and learning. The CEOs came from agriculture, manufacturing, real-estate, commercial printing, media, and hospitality. The frameworks shed light on the CEOs’ thoughts across strategic, organizational and operating leadership as well as personal leadership, influence and impact. The overriding idea is that CEOs must own purpose and results: mission (why), vision (what), and culture (how).

Strategic leadership is about focus. The fundamental questions are where to play and how to win. How to win choices in turn all flow from the enterprise’s core focus.

As Michael Porter of Harvard Business School showed the group, all enterprises design, produce, sell, deliver, and serve in one way or another. The most successful enterprises have a primary focus on either design, production, delivery or service in addition to selling – which all must do. Certainly, different parts of the same enterprise may have different areas of focus. But the overall enterprise’s culture, organization, leadership and operations best flow from the enterprise’s overarching core focus.  MORE

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