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The past few years of pandemic-induced Zoom calls, flex and remote work, and now advances in AI have shown us that the future of work continues to be a dynamic and changing landscape. But as the adage goes, with great change typically comes corresponding great opportunity.

In that spirit, proudly introduces its select team of executive recruiters, an assembly of 60-plus knowledgeable and experienced recruitment professionals known for their professionalism, integrity, and commitment to exceptional service to help lead your journey – and next career move.

Your next-generation career platform, via the recruiter model, features a human touch that you won’t find elsewhere; a connection with your industry to objectively assess and assist you with your next senior-level, vice president, or even C-Suite opportunity.

“We saw a need in the marketplace for senior-level career advisors who are experts in their specialty and whose sole purpose and mission is to pair the best possible talent and skill set with typically unadvertised opportunities in their desired field,” CEO Jennifer Bookspan said. “Likewise, companies come to since they know our recruiters and candidates are fully vetted and ready to hit the ground running regardless of the project or corporate need.”

“And if what is required is an up-skill, vita refresh or other service before being presented with opportunities, we have career coaches ready to assist,” Bookspan said. “There is nothing on the market like, backed by the Forbes brand, a name synonymous with quality, integrity and excellence.” grew out of a frustration with the status quo. Employers often receive too many unqualified applicants for specialized, executive-level opportunities, while many applicants find that the majority of their queries or submissions go unanswered. Applicants who manage to secure a meeting with a prospective employer often find that the position “is not a good fit,” or vice versa from the perspective of a hiring manager. “Ghosting” is widespread.

Once recruiters, corporate clients and talent register at, the real magic happens. Engaging questionnaires create thoughtfully prepared talent profiles; members peruse recruiter profiles to uncover their specialties and geographic reach; individual companies share inside information about hiring needs, requirements and unpublicized career opportunities.

The recruiters also deploy their extensive experience and a deep portfolio of corporate, academic, governmental and business relationships to deliver unadvertised, decidedly coveted seats, from senior level professionals through C-Suite, in 40-plus industries with practices in 20 states and 31 cities. The team supports companies and professionals locally yet with a regional and national reach.

One Utah-based recruiter, as an example, specializes in logistics and stays abreast of foreign affairs in Ukraine and Russia as his corporate customer requires Customs support to and from the region. Another recruiter based near Chicago focuses on machine learning and predictive modeling for those looking to mitigate risk in credit markets and cybersecurity.

“These types of backgrounds from your executive recruiter are invaluable,” Bookspan continues. “They speak the language from both the corporate client and talent perspective, which results in better outcomes, a higher degree of satisfaction from both sides, and a more enriching compensation package in many cases.”

Within the website, you’ll find engaging content from the editors of Forbes and custom stories tailored to recruiter, company and talent profiles. The group also is developing special events, continuing education and networking opportunities, which will be available on All the information and services you’d expect from a lifelong career partner – without the noise, user comments and emojis on other platforms and social media.

Do you have what it takes to join the community? Elevate your status in this brave new world of work. You now have the right partner.

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