Glean lessons from the 2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit

Glean lessons from the 2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit

From tech layoffs and economic uncertainty to rapid advancements in generative AI, disruption in the future of work keeps the pendulum of power swinging between employers and employees in the ever-changing workplace.

Top leaders from companies including IBM, Microsoft, Slack, AT&T, PwC, Guild and more gathered to discuss these shifting dynamics at the 2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit.

Throughout the day-long event, executives shared their perspectives on upskilling employees, integrating AI, enhancing collaboration and maximizing the contingent workforce.

Their collective insights offer a blueprint for navigating disruption, and a look at the leading ideas shaping the future of work.

Forbes Research also played a significant role during discussions. Among other anecdotes, 70 percent of CxOs agree that C-Suite leaders of tomorrow will need a unique skillset to manage a hybrid workforce.

 “Be part of the conversation with your employees, and also be open-minded that we’re not done changing policies, I think we’re going to continue to evolve this year, I think there’s going to be a lot we’re going to learn,” said Lidiane Jones, CEO of software firm SlackMORE

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