How an executive recruiter improves your next career move

How an executive recruiter improves your next career move

Those who have reached the upper echelon of the corporate world know that the C-suite level has its well-deserved perks. But if you are looking to make a move – either lateral or vertical – the process can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced executives, which is where a recruiter can help.

With more than 3.4 million C-level executives currently employed in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an executive recruiter who is at ease navigating these crowded waters may be what you need.

If you’re on the fence about enlisting the assistance of an executive recruiter, here are reasons that could convince you to take the leap.

The Benefits
An experienced recruiter comes with a network and relationships in the industry at that lofty level. A recruiter who has been a practitioner in that space brings even more to the table, like Matt Eberle, owner of Biltmore Executive Group, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in C-suite positions in accounting, finance and technology industries.

“It’s going to be someone who can naturally talk to C-level people because they have been immersed in the executive skills arena for some time,” says Eberle. “Having that experience has separated me from someone who’s not an accountant or finance professional.”

Making a Match
Eberle and his team do resume revisions and keep up with industry trends. However, the ability to offer career advice at a deep level is also a crucial tool in an executive recruiter’s arsenal.

If daily in-person collaborations with large teams or racking up frequent flyer miles aren’t your thing, a recruiter will make sure any interview you do will never be with a company requiring those commitments, or even raise them to you in an interview when you may be vulnerable.

Also, when a firm seeks candidates with experience in specific software or with a certain system and you have it, the recruiter will put your resume front and center.

But, the pairing goes beyond what’s on digital paper. It becomes about knowing both sides of the hiring equation to ensure the best fit

“The conversations we have are more about cultural fit, skills set and personal fit,” Eberle says. “Finding a job for a candidate is a lot like dating. It’s matchmaking.”

Non-C-Suite Candidates Need Apply
If you’re an experienced manager who doesn’t think you’re on the precipice of C-suite territory, an executive recruiter may convince you otherwise.

Eberle has conversations with staff level professionals on a regular basis whom he sees in five or 10 years being executives. The talent is there, they just need a little nudge to consider it.

“If they are a strong manager, they should seek a recruiter out. Or at least have a conversation. In some cases, it comes down to a personal decision. Do I want to take on this level of responsibility?” Eberle says.

Willingness to Push
Kind of like an aggressive Hollywood agent, an executive recruiter will be more willing to go after a position – and all the benefits that come with it – with more tenacity than you would. 

“It’s about talking to multiple people in a company to get to the right person,” Eberle says. “It’s about not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

Georgann Yara is a former newspaper reporter and full-time freelance journalist based in Phoenix. Find her on Twitter @georgannyara. Photo by Edmond Dantès.

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