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Whether you’re an employer, a hiring manager, or a job-seeker, is exactly the disruptive change the recruitment industry has needed. Curated career resources, vetted recruiters, leadership coaches and more are fully integrated to support leaders throughout their journey from Director to C-Suite.

Take advantage of the alignment that best supports your particular circumstance, as a growing company, a hiring manager, or job seeker.

Benefits for employers
When you’re ready, will revolutionize your hiring strategy. Participating companies enjoy access to a top-tier network of recruiters, enhanced brand visibility, and streamlined resources.

Companies have access to exceptional recruiters as only the best make the cut to become a Recruiter. “Rigorous” doesn’t begin to cover the vetting process. The platform accepts less than 6 percent of recruiters who apply. Books are opened; I had to share my client surveys, process, billing, and financials for examination with leadership. This is one way the platform ensures that recruiters like me are actually “walking their talk.”

On top of that were multiple reference checks. I also had to affirm my commitment to their code of ethics, a process that ensures that you’ll find only the most qualified and ethical recruiters.

Aligning your company with also elevates your visibility, status and creates unique opportunities. The collaboration generates access to Forbes’ 150 million monthly website visitors. And because is a hub for top recruiters, taking part allows you to tap into highly qualified talent pools, where recruiters collaborate through referrals and shared postings which also boosts visibility to potential candidates. is an efficient use of resources and services as well, a turn-key solution to capture the attention of high-quality talent. Companies stand out with a dedicated company profile and job postings (free for a limited time), and support when you need it with leadership coaching services and dedicated in-house advisors to assure your talent is engaged.

Benefits for hiring managers
When your organization needs more qualified talent, delivered faster than ever before, even C-Level professionals, delivers a wide network of qualified candidates. But it isn’t limited to professionals who are seeking new opportunities, but also includes passive candidates who may not even be looking at the moment. This increases the odds that you’ll find highly skilled individuals who may be the right fit for your organization.

Companies improve time and cost efficiencies since recruiters handle sourcing, screening, and short-listing of candidates. This frees up your time to focus on other essential tasks, and can lead to faster hiring cycles, improved morale, less reliance on casual labor, improved performance, and reduced recruitment costs. recruiters are well-versed in multiple industries and sectors, and have a deep understanding of the job market, industry trends, and the skills and qualifications required for various roles, plus the soft skills that create a good culture fit. We source and screen candidates, schedule interviews, coordinate communication between candidates and hiring managers, develop interview guides, manage advisory meetings, assist with salary negotiation and more.

Benefits for job-seekers
One of the things I love most about my partnership with is the impact it can make for senior-level leaders. Are you in search of exclusive career opportunities? Want coaches to bring your skills to the next level? Looking to network with other business leaders? It’s all here in a robust ecosystem to nurture career growth. levels the playing field by giving access to the best tools and opportunities.

At the same time, recruiters often have access to job opportunities that may not be widely advertised. Now you gain access to these exclusive positions, expanding your options and increasing your chances of finding the right job. recruiters understand what employers are looking for, have insights about the current job market, salary trends and potential pathways. Job-seekers receive honest, valuable guidance regarding resumes, cover letters and interview preparation. The recruiters also help identify opportunities that align with skills, experience, and long-term career goals.

Elevate your professional pursuits, and create a profile. Manage your visibility among recruiters, companies and other opportunity seekers; enjoy curated content from Forbes and original content; use the Workspace feature to manage your career journey, store documents, create to-do lists, and customize your newsfeed.

With so much functionality, there’s no reason to not take your career or company to the next level.

Chelle Johnson is the CEO of Denver-based Best You Talent Advisors. Reach her at

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