How to explain gaps in your resume during a job interview

How to explain gaps in your resume during a job interview

Career gaps are common and nothing to be ashamed about. People with 10-plus years of work experience almost always have a disruption in employment. During economic downturns, such as the financial crisis and the pandemic, layoffs and corporate furloughs were commonplace. Gaps in your résumé don’t have to be perceived as roadblocks during your job search, as long as you frame them right.

An empathetic employer should not judge someone because they have been out of work for some time. A compassionate and realistic manager would get that life happens and that there may be periods when you are not working full-time.

You can easily address these periods of unemployment during an interview by being honest, focusing on the positive, showing how you stayed current, being confident, keeping it brief and practicing your response. By following these strategies, you can ease the interviewer’s concerns and demonstrate your qualifications and experience for the job.  MORE

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