Is your dream job among America's best jobs?

Is your dream job among America’s best jobs?

Obviously, a career or job that someone calls “the best” is highly suggestive. One person’s passion might be another’s poison and vice versa. But there are some commonalities to the “best jobs” in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report, like good pay, job satisfaction and upward mobility.

The consumer research group analyzed current job openings and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and future projections to formulate a list of the best jobs in the U.S. for 2023. As you ponder your next move, consider the following careers and possible pathways.

Software developer – This exciting career is ranked No. 1 on the list and allows you to be both creative and technical, while making a good living with a median salary of $120,730. You’ll be working on all those cool apps and programs we use everyday. Demand is high with a projected 370,600 needed through 2031. Bachelor’s degree required.

Nurse Practitioner – This health care professional performs many of the same functions as a doctor but only requires a Master’s degree, medical school not required. Most specialize in areas like behavioral health or geriatrics. NPs are in demand, too, with 112,700 needed during the next decade. Median salary is $120,680.

Medical and Health Services Manager – Hospitals and health care systems are complicated organizations and Health Services Managers keep everything running smoothly. Their median income is $101,340 and 136,200 managers will be needed during the next decade. Bachelor’s degree required.

Information Security Analyst – Conversations and concerns surrounding cybersecurity and data safety has demand booming for this important job function. 56,500 new analysts will be needed through 2031, each earning a median salary of $102,600. Bachelor’s degree required.

Physician’s Assistant – Much like a Nurse Practitioner, a PA performs many of the same job functions as doctors without the many extra years of training. This top-5 among the best jobs in the U.S. pays well with a median salary of $121,530 and is in high demand with 38,400 needed during the next decade.

Finance or Financial Manager – If Health Services Managers keep operations running smoothly, Finance Managers grease the wheels and provide valuable insights into company performance for the C-Suite. More than 123,000 will be needed through 2031 at a median salary of $131,710. Four-year degree required.

Information Technology Manager – Without a well-trained IT Manager in place, most companies would buckle under the digital divide, as this position typically oversees most technical aspects of companies including needs and requirements, hardware and software installation, computer networking, training and more. A Bachelor of Science or Computer Science degree and some certifications may be required, but the position is in high demand with 82,400 needed through the next decade at a median salary of $159,010.

Are any of these dream best jobs on your list of passions or pursuits? Here are a few of the best of the rest: Web Developer, Physical Therapist, Dentist, Lawyer, Veterinarian, Physician, Orthodontist, Market Research Analyst, Logistician, Management Analyst, Registered Nurse, Computer Systems Analyst, Occupational Therapist, and more.

Now go find your dream job among America’s best jobs.

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