Learn from fellow leaders at Future of Work Summit

Learn from fellow leaders at Future of Work Summit

One of the most anticipated conversations surrounding today’s dynamic and uncertain workplace arrives next week: 2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit.

Thought leaders across industries and the technology continuum discuss the impacts of macro and micro economic forces shaping how we earn a living – and what the near future may hold. Artificial Intelligence, remote and in-person work, consumer and office automation, burgeoning technologies and the self-service economy continue to place pressure on an ever-adapting workforce and the executives directing their organizations.

Fortunately, you have a front-row seat to free online leadership panels, featuring experts from Forbes, academia, and new and traditional employers like IBM, L’Oreal, Slack, Upwork, AT&T, Microsoft, Vimeo and many more.

2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit virtual presentations include:

This Changes Everything—Or Does It? AI’s Impact On The Future Of Work
Generative AI is set to make sweeping changes to the world of work, from helping front-line employees and skilled professionals do menial parts of their jobs to overhauling how people get hired and evaluated to — if some forecasts pan out — upending employment in whole categories of jobs. A conversation with three leaders about how generative AI is most poised to impact the future of work —and what it means to be human.

The Self-Service Economy: From Gigs To Guardrails?
With layoffs dominating the headlines and trust in employers ebbing, many workers find designing a “portfolio career” the best path to flexibility and security today. A discussion with leaders focused on project-based work or freelance platforms for workers at different levels about the future of the freelance economy, how it’s anticipated to change in light of recent job market tumult and what fractional and freelance workers expect from the companies they work with now.

Building Online Community In A New Networked World
A discussion about the challenges of scaling networks in a hybrid world, what enterprises can learn about mentoring and networking from external networks and how women are increasingly approaching how they think about leadership and career advancement amid generational workplace disruption.

Mark your calendar and reserve a spot:
Date: Thursday, June 1
Time: 10 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ET
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Learn from fellow leaders and best position your next move by attending the 2023 Forbes Future of Work Summit.

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