Angela Aronica

Executive Leadership, Marketing, SaaS
United States


It was the late ’90s, and .COM companies were growing like wildfire. I was approached about an unfamiliar industry called “staffing.” I was considering leaving a previous career in the Wakeboard/Waterski industry, and every time I talked to my good friend about her new career, her energy was infectious. I couldn’t resist. At that time, Technology was still an evolving force, and it was a race to keep up with the growth. It was engaging, exciting, and also came with its fair share of challenges.

I vividly remember being in an office where 35 recruiters were sharing only TWO internet connections in order to prospect candidates and clients! The early challenges were a blessing, as they helped me build endurance and muscle in this business, and I quickly blasted through my quotas and earned spectacular awards trips, year after year. If I could be a top performer in that setup, I knew I had what it took to make a real impact in this industry for the long haul.

I not only survived the subsequent .COM bust but continued to thrive through it. I love building relationships, and firmly believe there is nothing better than receiving genuine gratitude from a candidate who I helped land their dream job or a client telling me how my approach is unique and greatly appreciated. Staffing is also a competitive industry, and I’m competitive by nature. I admit it – I like to win. Before you envision Angela the All-Star Athlete, let me be clear:  I’m a proud Band Geek who consistently competed for 1st chair. I’m also the baby of 5 very dominant siblings, so as you can imagine, healthy competition was part of my life from the moment I was out of diapers.

I love challenges, building deep relationships built on trust, and healthy competition, and I combine these qualities every day to celebrate wins together.

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