Dylan Lavis

Gaming, Entertainment
United States


Having formed partnerships with over 50 elite gaming studios, amassing a combined funding of more than $650M, I am distinctively poised within a vast global talent network. With my expansive international talent pool, I’m primed to link these studios with a diverse range of experts, be it the imaginative minds of artists, animators, and designers or the analytical prowess of engineers and programmers.

My knack for rapidly pinpointing top-tier talent ensures that gaming studios can efficiently find the perfect match, keeping their projects on track and their release dates on time. Every candidate I recommend not only matches the job description but also augments the team dynamics with their unique skills and is passionate about contributing to the studio’s vision. My selections are more than fits; they’re enhancements, each bringing a valuable skill and a zeal for the studio’s project.

For aspiring professionals, having secured over $5.3M+ in salaries, I am the gateway to amplifying their career trajectories and bolstering their financial prospects. All the while, the core remains: working on projects they’ve always dreamt of.

Merging top-tier quality with unparalleled efficiency, I envision myself as the catalyst connecting outstanding talent with pioneering projects. Together, let’s craft a narrative of success.

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