Refreshing mint julep, mojito signal change in season

Refreshing mint julep, mojito signal change in season

You don’t need thoroughbreds or Kentucky blue grass to enjoy one of this season’s great cocktails: The Mint Julep. Typically associated with the Kentucky Derby horse race, the mint- and Bourbon-based whiskey drink also refreshes after 18 holes with your weekly foursome. Call for top-shelf Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek if bellying up at your favorite 19th Hole, or follow the  easy recipe below at home. Use fresh mint and limes, no mixes, please.

2 ounces Bourbon
2 sprigs of fresh mint
1 ounce simple syrup
Club soda
Preparation: In old-fashioned cocktail or julep glass, muddle mint and simple syrup, add Bourbon and fill with ice. Top with club soda.

What to pour: recently reviewed the best Bourbons for 2023, which included Russell’s Reserve 10 Year, Old Forester 100 and Henry McKenna Single Barrel.

Caribbean influence
Much like the Mint Julep, the humble Mojito speaks to the season with fresh herbs, citrus and zesty rum as its primary influences; perfect for post-round drinks at home or the clubhouse. Again, mix with premium Caribbean rums such as Clement, Havana Club and, of course, Bacardi.

2 ounces rum
2 sprigs fresh mint
½ of one lime, quartered
1 ounce simple syrup
Club soda
Preparation: In a high-ball or collins glass, muddle mint, lime and simple syrup. Add rum, fill glass with ice and top with club soda.

What to pour: The Food Network recently reviewed the best rums for 2023, which included Ten-to-One White Rum, Flor de Cana 4 Year Old, and Banks Five Island.

Insider tip
Enjoy mint juleps or mojitos in a larger format for parties or backyard barbecues. Just proportionately up the quantities of each ingredient and place in a large Rubbermaid-style pitcher the night before. Pour contents into a clear glass presentation pitcher before your guests arrive. It’s a adds visual beauty to any table or bar and your guests will feel like VIPs.

Photo by Rick Leal de Sousa

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