Senior management jobs in finance, CFO jobs in demand

Senior management jobs in finance, CFO jobs in demand

With tax laws continuously changing and companies scaling up or down depending on market forces, senior management jobs in finance and accounting, along with Chief Financial Officer, or CFO jobs, remain in high demand.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for business and finance occupations was $76,570 in 2021, with other sources estimating the average entry-level finance salary to be $88,160.

But, for those aiming for the top of the financial mountain, the ceiling is much higher for those with the education, skills and experience to earn it.

However, there will be quite a difference depending on your market, city and whether you’re seeking a position with a private firm or publicly-traded company the likes of the Big Four, explained Matt Eberle, owner of Biltmore Executive Group, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in C-suite positions in accounting, finance and technology industries.

Eberle suggests keeping in mind bonus and incentive potentials, which private firms often implement.

“There is unlimited income there,” he says.

Given all those factors, here’s an overview of 10 top senior management jobs in finance:

Chief Financial Officer
Companies, regardless of size, seek a CFO with a set of skills that include the tangible and intangible. Agile CFOs who are great at analytics and are great leaders are much in demand, explains Max Hansen, the CEO and co-founder of Y Scouts, an executive search firm that specializes in building executive teams in several sectors including the financial services. “It’s hard to find good talent. That’s what makes the CFO role important and high demand,” he says.

Chief Investment Officer
Among the realm of high-paying finance jobs, this would be a starting point, Eberle explains. “Not only are they balancing portfolios but also overseeing compliance of that firm.”

Chief Operating Officer/Operations Leader
The CEO is the most high-profile face of a company. But this second-in-command spot fills what can be a more delicate role in holding people accountable and building systems and processes. “Without that role, most companies don’t succeed without the person who does those day-to-day operations,” Hansen says.

Investment Banker
On the investment side of the financial world this role is responsible for helping companies raise capital, either through debt or equity, making it one of the top finance gigs.

Chief Revenue Officer
These high-powered sales leaders are becoming more key as the market shifts and companies examine how business development, marketing and how they play with each other, Hansen explains.

A really good controller is becoming really difficult to come by in Arizona, where Hansen is based, and across the country. “It requires a special skill set that not everyone who has a finance or accounting degree can use in practice,” Hansen says.

Assistant Controller
If you’re working for a large public company this can be just as lucrative. For example, this salary is earned by an assistant controller who Eberle knows who works for a $4 billion company.

VP of Finance
If you’re looking to get into a C-suite role this is a lucrative first step.

Chartered Financial Analyst
Many big fund managers are CFA charter holders who are experienced with a few years under their belts, Eberle explains. “These are the ones who run the investment world,” he says.

Investment Portfolio Manager
If securities pique your interest, this may be for you. The job description includes an umbrella of management services of a company’s assets like stocks, investment contracts, real estate or partner interests.

For seasoned financial and tax professionals looking for senior management jobs and CFO jobs, your next move is to join and consult with a leading executive recruiter.

Georgann Yara is a journalist based in Phoenix. Find her on Twitter @georgannyara.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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