So Many Interviews: How to make the best of a long process

If you’re looking to make a career move, chances are you’re finding the interview process frustrating. Being on the hunt for work has gotten more complex, more time-consuming and more stressful. Multiple interviews appears to the be the norm.

But there are ways to use the challenges to your advantage and leverage the protracted process to ensure you get the best outcome that will advance your career brilliantly.

Tough Terrain
At the same you’re hearing about a talent revolution, including 43 percent of executives who expect to increase headcount, job seekers are reporting increasing difficulty finding a new role. In fact, 71 percent of people say the job search process is more complicated than they anticipated, according to a recent survey by The Harris Poll.

Finding a job is a lot of work and 48 percent of participating people said they’d applied to more than 50 jobs, and 63 percent had been searching more than six months. As a result, 66 percent said they wish they had started the process earlier. MORE

Consider enlisting the assistance of a recruiter or career coach during your process, which reduces the time actively searching and vetting new career opportunities. Plus, they have the tools and resources to alleviate stress, reduce the number of interviews and improve outcomes.

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