The best and worst times to search for a new job

Not all times of the year are equal when it comes to seeking out a new job. The most opportune times are when you’re happy and succeeding at work, during the first few weeks of September and the start of the new year. Avoid embarking upon a job search during the holiday season and summer, especially in the month of August.

Look For A New Job When You’re Feeling Positive
Although this may run counter to what you might think, individuals should look for a new job when they are at peace and flourishing in their current role.

In addition to possessing all the requisite skills required for a job function, hiring managers want self-assured, positive and motivated candidates.

You’ll perform better in the interview process when you are confident and feel good about yourself. Since you already hold a job, the pressure is less intense than being in between roles. Your mindset will be, “If I get this new job, that’s great. If not, I have a perfectly fine job to return to.”

Most people strike out when interviewing because they are nervous, lack confidence and come across as afraid or even angry and resentful that they were forced back into the job market. The interviewers pick up on their negative vibe. When the job market is tough, it’s easy for the hiring manager to take a hard pass on the applicant with a poor attitude and move on to the next candidate.  MORE


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