Unlocking your career’s full potential with Predictive Index

In a world where first impressions can make all the difference, and the job market is more competitive than ever, you need to set yourself apart from other talent in the market. Being a Forbes.jobs member is one sure way to unlock your career potential, but now you’re ready for the next step.

There are a number of great ways to elevate your skills. One way to convey the value you bring to an organization is to use the free Predictive Index Assessment exclusively available to Forbes.jobs community members.

This article explores seven astonishing ways to use the free Predictive Index assessment from MindWire through Forbes.jobs to experience extraordinary career growth.

Craft a stronger resume
When your resume aligns perfectly with your unique behaviors and motivating needs, you’re able to communicate to future employers what makes you powerful and unique in the most authentic way possible. By infusing lines from the “strongest behaviors” and “”summary” sections of your Predictive Index report, you’ll discover how to create a resume that dazzles recruiters and unlocks hidden opportunities tailor-made for your talents.

Elevate your digital personal brand
Harness the power of your Predictive Index insights to craft compelling content that captivates your audience on Forbes.jobs and LinkedIn. Provide specific examples of when you have unleashed your superpowers, highlight moments of peak productivity, and showcase your unparalleled expertise, leaving recruiters and future partners in awe of your authentic capabilities. The language provided in your PI report will help give you a head start when framing up your personal brand.

Evolve your elevator pitch
Picture yourself delivering an elevator pitch that leaves even the most discerning executives eager to know more about you. By incorporating lines from your Predictive Index report and the captivating takeaways from the complimentary walk-through of your results, your pitch will become an irresistible magnet for new opportunities.

Network strategically
You can use the insights from your PI report to build powerful professional relationships with ease. Armed with the knowledge of behavioral preferences, you’ll be empowered to connect with others in a way that resonates with them, fostering collaboration, and leaving a lasting impact on every interaction. Just a little knowledge about Predictive Index factors can make you a networking virtuoso.

Guide professional recommendations
Imagine having a library of recommendations that highlight your key strengths, painting a vivid portrait of your brilliance and potential. By leveraging your Predictive Index results to steer recommendations towards your desired focus, you’ll ignite curiosity and interest from top-notch employers and partners eager to leverage your amazing capabilities.

Manage up
Don’t only look to the future; you can use this tool now with your current boss. Share your results and give your current employer an understanding of your authentic behavioral strengths, paving the way for a harmonious and productive working relationship. Your PI report even recommends strategies for how your boss can best motivate and communicate with you, to get your most productive self.

Evaluate new opportunities
Uncover your best career opportunities that align seamlessly with your natural behavioral traits. As you review job options, consider new opportunities or promotions, and explore new horizons, you can discern which opportunities would and would not align with your natural behaviors and motivators. With this new way to consider job ads, you can be extremely selective (and ultimately successful) choosing your application and explaining how you’re the ideal candidate for the role.

Next step
With these strategies in your arsenal, you hold the keys to unlock doors to unparalleled career growth and success. As a valued member of the Forbes.jobs online community, the power is now in your hands to astound recruiters, peers, and yourself with your exceptional abilities. Embrace the awe, eagerness, and curiosity that come with using the free Predictive Index assessment to its fullest potential. Set new standards for excellence and drive your career to unprecedented heights. The world of opportunities awaits you – let your journey to greatness begin!

Take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment for free through Forbes.jobs. Create your complimentary Forbes.jobs profile, then click on Development. With the results, book time with one of MindWire’s Workforce Analytics experts to explore your next steps.

Candice Frazer is the Vice President of Marketing & Client Experience at MindWire.

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